1990s Throwback: Nissan’s Innovative “Toys” Ad

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If you ask Don Draper – following a mid-morning drink, of course – what the purpose of advertising is, he’d likely finish a drag on his cigarette before answering in his curt manner: emotional. Regardless of the means of presentation, an advertisement should evoke a strong feeling. Some brands want to inspire confidence, instill desire, or simply cause a laugh. The automotive industry relies heavily upon the ability of advertising to pique consumers’ interest.

The competitive nature of the automotive industry compels car manufacturers to allocate immense budgets to in-house marketing departments or independent agencies. Using celebrity endorsements, computer-generated graphics, and other strategies, they all vie for our attention – especially during the Super Bowl.


2014 Nissan 370Z

2014 Nissan 370Z


In 1995, Nissan used stop-motion technology to create a humorous ad. The commercial focuses on an Indiana Jone-esque action figure that seeks adventure. So what does he do? He hops into a Nissan toy, barrels down the hallway, and gets the girl. It demonstrated the fun one has when driving these automobiles.



Nissan, however, was not done. It produced a second ad. A young Barbie falls into a pool, and her helpless Ken stands at the edge – trembling and powerless. She’s in luck! Her despairing scream alerted our heroic Indiana, who gets into his Nissan SUV and tears through yards, is chased by dogs, and power slides to the pool all while looking as nonchalant as you or I would as we eat an ice cream cone. He, of course, saves the day again. Nice.



The spirit of innovation lives on at Nissan, so we encourage you to stop down at Leith Nissan in Cary to see what this create car manufacturer has to offer. Our brand specialists are waiting to show you just how much fun you can have in our cars!

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