Where Do You Notice Dealership Ads Most?

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As you might have noticed, we advertise digitally. This is our blog, which is a way to communicate with y’all more frequently than TV or radio. It’s our way of showing that we’re keeping up with the modern age, and an attempt to share useful and interesting news with you.

That said, we’re curious what you like best about our various advertising platforms. So let’s go down the list and if you have a thought or two, comment on our Facebook link to this blog post.

TV ads

You know how these go. Low prices, lots of inventory, convenient location, and maybe a dog or a joke. These are pretty well known among the industry and definitely get our name out there. How can we do better at these?

Radio ads

These can vary a bit more, though they generally have the elements listed above for TV ads. The main difference is that these usually lead with the joke, if there is one, to keep you from switching the dial. What would the ideal radio ad for a dealership be to you?

Newspaper ads

Ah yes, now we’re talking old school. If you’re still reading the newspaper, we salute you. These ads are usually light on the humor, focusing instead on utilizing the increase in space to show as many vehicles as we can get on there. Do you think we should stick with newspapers until newspapers disappear?


Obviously you must like these a bit because you’re reading this one. So what’s your favorite kind? Car news? Cool pics? Funny stories? Non-car related? We try to experiment with lots of different styles, so it’d be helpful to know what you’d like to see.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus—we’re involved in all of these. We try to keep it light and fun instead of sales-y because we figure that’s what you’re on social media for in the place.

So that’s our brief run-down. Tell us on Facebook what you think or if we’re totally off our rocker.

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