Archive | December, 2015

The 2015 Year In Cars: 5 Lessons We Learned

We’re poised on the edge of an era as Google, Apple, Tesla, and the rest of Silicon Valley bring their resources to bear on the subject of motorized transportation, with the legacy automotive industry focusing its research and development efforts on staying one step ahead of its new competitors. As we wait to see the […]

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Can a Bubble On a Tire Be Repaired or Must It Be Replaced?

Stop driving. Your car is now unsafe. As Autosquad says, “the tire can suddenly fail catastrophically,” which sounds pretty bad to us. So what’s happening? Nothing good. Bubbles, bulges and bumps on a tire cannot be repaired. There is no compound, cure, or kit for $19.99 that can fix this one. Anything that claims to […]

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