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Horsepower vs. Torque: A No Numbers Explanation

First of all, we’re not going to do any math. Or science. No math or science. This is a numbers-free space. We’re just not going to do it, and you can’t make us. We will apply a Seinfeldian linguistic analysis, however (don’t worry, it will only take a moment). Ahem: What’s the deal with torque? […]

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how to calculate mpg

How to Calculate MPG: How Fuel Efficient Are You?

We’ve syndicated this post from the Leith Cars Blog to help answer a frequently asked question. You’ve probably noticed the long, laborious disclaimer that shows up any time someone mentions a car’s MPG. You know, the whole spiel about how these numbers are based on EPA regulated testing and actual mileage depends on your personal […]

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2015 NAIAS: Q&A for the Nissan Titan XD

Last week we talked about Nissan’s reveal of the all-new Titan XD. This is Nissan’s answer to the gap between full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks as offered in the present market. Jalopnik, resourceful as they tend to be, were able to secure several minutes of the Titan XD’s chief product specialist for some Q and […]

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2015 NAIAS: Nissan Unveils the 2016 Titan XD

The 2015 North American International Auto Show is upon us, which means automakers from around the world will be looking to set their tone and expectations for the rest of the year. While the show is going on, you may notice some shorter posts from us while we attempt to get all the exciting news […]

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