The Nissan Leaf, the Volcano, and the Sunset

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Nissan Leaf 2

In recent months, the Nissan Leaf has enjoyed a lot of positive press. From governments buying entire fleets of the all-electric vehicle to strong general sales across the globe, there is much to celebrate if you’re a part of the Nissan family. The increasing concern of crude oil prices and environmental impact of emissions has galvanized much of the public behind producing electric and other alternative-fuel vehicles. A recent online advertisement released by Nissan highlights the regenerative capability of the Leaf while also capturing images of natural beauty in Hawaii – which also leaves us making an association between the Leaf and the splendor of our natural world. Smart advertising.

The video follows Neil Wagner, a Maui resident, as he drives his Nissan Leaf to watch the legendary sunrise from a 10,000-foot elevation that Haleakala National Park offers.

Though the Leaf’s battery does lose some of its capacity on the trip to top, the more important point to note is the car’s regenerative braking system. Mr. Wagner utilizes the mountain’s downhill ride to effectively replenish the energy expended to climb it. And in the video’s final moments, we are encouraged to “keep going” as the Leaf continues to travel through beautiful scenery.

Should Mr. Wagner require to stop at a charging station at some point, Maui offers fourteen public plug-in stations: six in Kahului and eight more in Lahaina, two of the islands largest cities.

Once you’ve watched the video – probably more than once like we have – remember that Leith Nissan in Cary has a great inventory of Leafs, and our brand specialists are waiting to let you enjoy a first-hand experience of this great EV.

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