Nissan and FedEx Test e-VN200 Zero Emissions Van


As the United States government applies more stringent regulations for emissions stemming from transportation and industry operations, many companies have allocated money toward funding development into new technologies that minimize their carbon footprint. Federal Express, a global delivery service, began investing in new test vehicles since it relies heavily upon roadway transportation.

In a partnership with Nissan, FedEx ran trials of the Japanese automaker’s (pure electric) e-NV200 van in the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore and Brazil. The successful outcome of the trials has encouraged FedEx to team up again with Nissan for further testing in the United States. For the next year in Washington D.C., the fleet of e-NV200 vans will operate to determine the cut in environmental impact and its viability. Each vehicle is equipped with the Nissan LEAFs drivetrain that includes an 80 kW electric motor and 100-mile range.

Though standard gasoline and diesel vans have a greater range, FedEx emphasizes that its delivery vans run relatively short distances through metro areas. This test will help both companies conclude whether or not these electric-only vehicles can satisfy the role for which they are needed. The results will prove particularly beneficial for Nissan as it intends to commence full-scale production of the e-NV200 later this year in Europe.

Capitalizing on the series of successful tests, Nissan also converted the vans for taxi use, prompting metropolitan hubs like London and New York City to express interest in the zero-emission vehicle.

This proves to be an exciting time for Nissan, and there is no better time to join the many satisfied drivers of such reliable models as Juke, LEAF, Altima, and many more!

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