2018 Nissan LEAF

Feel the Electricity When Driving the New 2018 Nissan LEAF.

For 2018, the Nissan LEAF is all-new. This 100% electric car is simple, yet at the same time encompasses a variety of features that make it quite amazing. It has more of everything you want and everything you could possibly need in a vehicle. More mileage. More style. More distance. More intelligence. More style surrounds […]

Nissan Rogue

The Eye-Catching New Nissan Rogue®

All eyes are on the new Nissan Rogue anytime it’s on the road. It is an absolutely stunning vehicle with a sleek, redesigned exterior featuring standard signature LED Daytime Running Lamps, wraparound LED taillights, available 19″ aluminum-alloy wheels and more. The options are endless when it comes to upgrading the Rogue and enhancing your driving […]

Zero to 60 Podcast Shows Off 2017 Nissan SR Turbo

If you’re a car fan, it’s hard to get excited by the newest technology these days. Don’t get us wrong, it’s all very cool. Stuff like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, parallel parking assist—these are all really helpful and for 90% of the drivers out there are exactly what ought to be added to […]

Where Do You Notice Dealership Ads Most?

As you might have noticed, we advertise digitally. This is our blog, which is a way to communicate with y’all more frequently than TV or radio. It’s our way of showing that we’re keeping up with the modern age, and an attempt to share useful and interesting news with you. That said, we’re curious what […]

OK Go Music Video Plays With Gravity in Zero-G Plane

In the area of social media, few people understand how to create viral content better than the band OK Go. Their latest video is for their song “Upside Down & Inside Out” which was released on their October 2014 record, “Hungry Ghosts.” To play with the song’s theme of gravity, the band decided to do […]