Nissan IDx Concept Cars Get a Spin by MotorTrend

Clearly, there are perks to working at MotorTrend. To begin its circuit of previews, Nissan selected the automotive magazine as its first promotional stop for the IDx concept cars: the Freeflow and the Nismo. If you saw these sleek concept cars from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, you know the people at MT asked first: “Can we drive it?” We can’t help but feel just a little envious, but they provided us a nice detailed review about the experience.


Photo: Motor Trend


Photo: Motor Trend

Let’s start with the positives:

  • Chic concept design
  • Diminutive size (efficiency)
  • Epitome of a fun, sporty car
  • Solid feel while driving
  • Both were “stunning”

One of the most striking comments in the article is that the production model did not feel or drive like a production model – it felt ready.

Now let’s discuss the negatives:

Nah, we’re kidding. There weren’t any negatives.

Wait, did you think there were negatives? If so, that’s a burn – a deep burn.

Though the people at MotorTrend enjoyed a brief test drive, Nissan did not reveal any more details regarding the mechanics of the vehicle. The editors could only speculate about the powertrain based on current models and past concept cars. In the age of the Internet, keeping specifications disclosed is impressive. It seems that only when Nissan is prepared to move forward with one of the concept cars (the MT writer vehemently exclaimed “Both!” in the article) will we learn the powers that lie beneath the hood.

Until then, there are many current Nissan models awaiting loyal owners who seek a reliable, fun, and sleek car. All you need to do is head over here to Leith Nissan and speak with our great staff.

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