Nissan Announces New Titan, Truckumentary Video Series

To the working class, there is perhaps no vehicle that is more important than the pickup truck. It’s not only a tool of the trade but an all-around fixture in many households. It’s the daily driver and the bread and butter. It’s important, crucial even, and Nissan knows that.

That’s why the Titan, Nissan’s first full-size pickup truck, is finally getting a redesign. The first-generation Titan has been available for ten years now, and while it remains competitive, many breakthroughs have been made in the truck world in that time span. To celebrate the development of the new Titan and to involve the hardworking men and women who will use it, Nissan has announced the Titan “Truckumentary.”

The first video in this series will be released next month and there are reportedly more than a dozen that will be released throughout next year. In other words, we’re probably going to hear a lot about this truck before we actually get a turn behind the wheel of it. That’s fine by us.

What we do know for the time being is that it will be powered by a 5.0-liter Cummins diesel V8 engine – a not insignificant detail. Nissan says this engine will produce more than 300 horsepower and approximately 550 pound-feet of torque, so it really packs a wallop. Crossing into the realm of rumor, it’s said the next Titan will have more available body styles and that a V6 may also be an option.

We will likely feature the Nissan Titan Truckumentary on our blog, so make sure you stay tuned and catch the series here. If you want to read the official announcement, you can do so over on Autoblog. For those looking for all manner of new and used Nissan vehicles, you’ll find an unmatched selection at Leith Nissan in the Raleigh and Cary area.

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