Let it RSnow, Let it RSnow, Let it RSnow

Our friends and countrymen to the north keep getting dumped on with the white, fluffy stuff. Four feet of snow two weeks ago, another foot this past week. It just seems like it might never end. You start to wonder if the Snowmageddon from The Day After Tomorrow is upon us and whether we’re really all that safe down here in the land of “Hey, look: my iWeather app says it might snow in ten days; oh, nevermind it just changed to rain.” What kind of vehicle would you need to survive the Frostpocalypse?

If you said some kind of all-wheel drive vehicle, you’d be right on any other brand’s blog. This is a Nissan blog, though, so mere AWD isn’t exciting enough.

What you should be hoping for is the Nissan Juke Nismo RSnow.

[Warning: dubstep]

This is a real, working thing built by the European branch of Nissan. It was born as a support vehicle for some ice-driving up in the Land of Always Winter, aka the Finnish Lapland. As crazy as it looks, much of this Juke is stock. The front and rear fenders had to be trimmed up for extra space, and the AWD system had to be reprogrammed, but other than that and the enormous Mattracks, this is just like any other Juke Nismo RS you could find. Even the Xtronic CVT is the original.

It’s unfortunate that such a vehicle won’t be at the disposal of the masses during the impending Blizzend of Days. That being said, Nissan’s torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system is pretty top-notch, so if you’re at all worried about adverse weather conditions, feel free to stop by our showroom. We’ll point you in the direction of all the vehicles that make use of it.

For all the folks in Raleigh and Cary, Leith Nissan is here to serve you.

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