2015 NAIAS: Q&A for the Nissan Titan XD

Last week we talked about Nissan’s reveal of the all-new Titan XD. This is Nissan’s answer to the gap between full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks as offered in the present market.

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Photo: Jalopnik

Jalopnik, resourceful as they tend to be, were able to secure several minutes of the Titan XD’s chief product specialist for some Q and A with their readers. Rich Miller sat down and typed out some thoughtful answers to the questions about his Cummins V8 powered baby.

He answered one question about the trend of larger and larger entry-level trucks noting that the market showed bigger was better as long as it was economical. This is the reasoning for positioning the Titan XD between existing segments. Focus groups showed there was definitely a portion of Nissan’s clientele interested in such a truck. Asked if such a truck would be sustainable, Miller replied in the affirmative.

Miller also addresses questions about the Titan XD’s quality as well as the prospect of an extreme performance-oriented truck similar to the Ford F-150 Raptor. We recommend you read the full Q&A over on Jalopnik.

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