This Nissan Note Can Do What?

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Photo: AutoBlog

Photo: AutoBlog

Okay. I, as much as anyone else, like convenience. It’s part of our inherent nature as Americans. In fact, some of this nation’s greatest achievements served a sole purpose: to make life easier. Just look at the progression in some facets of our lives – take food for instance. Human beings went from sparking fires for cooking hunted beasts to anxiously waiting at the microwave for the three minutes to lapse that warm our TV dinners.

As Ron Burgundy would say, “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

Hunting animals through the wilderness must surely be exhilarating, but so is Kevin Spacey’s performance as Frank Underwood – so I’d rather not take six hours to prepare and cook my food. That’s the equivalent of six glorious House of Cards episodes. Plus, there’s very little chance of a bear or mountain lion devouring my face while slurping ramen noodles on my chaise lounge.

In the spirit of innovation, Nissan recently demonstrated its newest venture, which will save all of us time, energy, and money expended throughout the year – particularly the winter months – to keep our cars clean.

Drum roll, please.

It is … Wait for it … A self-cleaning car!

Nissan Europe recently selected a Note hatchback to test a coating of Ultra-Ever Dry paint. This paint consists of nanotechnology that, when applied, makes any surface super-hydrophobic and oleophobic; in other words, it repels water and oils. In the video below, you’ll notice a stark difference between the half of the car treated with Ultra-Ever Dry and the half not treated. It is truly an amazing development. You can also enjoy an extra video that demonstrates more of Ultra-Ever Dry’s capabilities.

Note: For the foreseeable future, Nissan will not offer any vehicles in its lineup with this paint until it has conducted further testing in a range of conditions. Until then, check out Leith Nissan in Cary to speak with any one of our great brand specialists regarding a vast inventory of quality cars.

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