400-Mile Trip at Zero Cost for Fuel – That’s the Power of a LEAF

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It is not just here at home in the United States that Nissan garners media attention for its accomplishments and innovations. Just across the Atlantic, two men in the United Kingdom decided to test the limitations of the Nissan LEAF’s efficiency – the full article can be found here.

They traveled from London to Edingburgh, which is a four-hundred mile trip, without spending a single penny on fuel – equivalent distances made in some of our cars cost around $120 in fuel charges. It is the first time that any vehicle fulfilled the quest for complete electric efficiency on such an ambitious journey. With only a handful of stops for recharging, the LEAF made the transit in twelve hours and averaged fifty-five miles per recharge.

The Nissan LEAF, through setting this record, further established the viability of alternative options to traditional fuel hogs. Excellence through innovation also serves to inspire other companies and youthful, vigorous minds to explore the possibilities of even greater success for fuel independence. This naturally facilitates competition, particularly in markets inundated with options as seen in the automobile industry.

While we cannot guarantee a 400-mile zero-cost trip, we can say with supreme confidence that Leith Nissan, just a skip and a jump away in Cary, has a readily available inventory of Nissan LEAFs that boast incredible fuel efficiency and electrical mileage. So stop down at the dealership to get behind the wheel of a sporty, fun LEAF with one of our great brand ambassadors.

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