Gorgeous Customized Nissan GT-R on a Photoshoot in Singapore

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As if it came screeching through your television screen, straight out of the set of the Fast and Furious, this full carbon-fiber Nissan GT-R soaked up the spotlight for a photo shoot in Singapore. Without a doubt, this visually striking car can certainly be characterized as the most uniquely designed vehicle we’ve seen.



Photo: GT Spirit


A smooth melding of red, blue and green neon lights emanate from beneath the car, as well as around the rear diffuser and front grille. The design perfectly complements the colors and distinct architecture of the skyline just a few miles behind it.



Photo: GT Spirit

The photographs were provided by Zen Balboni, who was also fortunate enough to enjoy a ride in this custom Nissan GT-R. A host of other performance modifications amplify the ride – and it undoubtedly can blast off from any starting line.


Each photograph contains a series of parts that contribute to a whole feeling of other-worldliness. The contrast of the midnight sky with the luminous colors of the background and the vehicle are captivating. This is a prime example of the enthusiasm that Nissan owners feel – they want people to hear and see the cars. They want to customize them and make them completely their own. It is a culture unlike any other brand in the automotive industry.



Photo: GT Spirit


While this may be a one-of-a-kind GT-R, the experience is not. A deep, intrinsic joy of driving should be shared by everyone on the road. If you do not feel the same zeal, it may be time for a change. The reliability and performance of a Nissan are two great reasons to leave behind the casual drive in exchange for something far more satisfying … for the experience to get behind the wheel of a Nissan model that boasts a strong lineage.


We hope to help you find a Nissan and welcome you to the Leith Nissan family!

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